Toastmaster Magazine Cover Story

I’m humbled and overwhelmed to get to share some wonderful news with you. Toastmaster Magazine’s editorial staff unanimously chose me for a major cover story for its monthly print edition in over 140 countries! For nearly a century, Toastmasters International has been the world’s largest and most respected organization for teaching communication and leadership skills. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Toastmasters members all over the world. I’m amazed by the extraordinary care they put into this story—they truly inspired me to continue raising my standards. Read more »

Mastering Your Craft Interview

Renowned coach, author and speaker Rasheed Ogunlaru asked to interview me on the subject of mastering your craft. We had plenty of fun recording this video interview live: Feel free to tease me about my T-shirt! My IRONMAN finisher T-shirt is my Superman cape! It’s my reminder that we can achieve challenging goals one step at a time. Immediately before going live, we were discussing my hopeless perfectionism and giving ourselves permission not to be “perfect. Read more »

Online Piano Lessons

I’m pleased to announce the availability of online piano lessons with me personally, from anywhere in the world! Direct, one-on-one piano lessons online are a highly practical solution for students seeking expert teaching but who are not, or are only infrequently, in Vienna to work with me at my studio. The lessons take place via Skype, which makes free video calls in high quality possible. I can offer FaceTime support for those with Apple devices (Mac, iPhone or iPad) as well. Read more »

A Musician's Fitness Routine

Question: I’m a music student—a piano student—and also I want to start a fitness program. Can it damage my piano technique? I mean, how can push-ups, pull-ups, yoga, isometric training and so on bring me problems with practice, and if this is the case, what kind of fitness routine do you recommend? Thank you! Juan José Jiménez Vallejo Albert’s reply: I’m actually training for an Ironman triathlon and am in fact writing this on the train on my way to run the Prague Marathon. Read more »

A Middle-aged Mom

Question: I learned to play piano back when I was 16 years of age and I learned to read piano notes. I haven’t played in years (my own fault for not keeping up with it). Can I learn again to play piano? Virginia (Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA) Albert’s reply: Of course you can learn to play piano again. I’ve encountered students your age or older who hadn’t played since their teens and who could recall decades-old information nearly immediately. Read more »

Adult Piano Lessons: Seven Hidden Advantages

Seven Hidden Advantages It is impossible to count the number of times we piano teachers have heard, “I wish I had learned piano as a child.” Adults assume that if they didn’t learn to play piano as a child, then it’s simply too late. Yet not only are adult piano lessons more often than not extremely rewarding, but adults have a number of advantages in learning piano compared to children. Read more »

Beginning Piano Lessons: 7 Common Beginners' Mistakes

7 Common Beginners’ Mistakes When beginning piano lessons, most students make a number of significant mistakes. I’ve listed the most common among them to help you along. This list is deliberately limited to strictly musical matters that cause confusion to beginning pianists; mistakes in teaching method or piano practice will be dealt with separately. Without further ado, here are seven common mistakes that you should avoid in your piano studies: Read more »

Comprehensive Piano Course

Question: Read your email today. I am a trained musician and songwriter (guitar, voice, music major at college level) working as a physician/surgeon. I have forever wanted a legitimate comprehensive piano course that I can do on my own. There are a few out there that are more like “piano candy,” getting you to understand shapes and patterns and chords. Fine for non-musicians tinkering around the edges. I am completely persuaded that an organized CD set that takes people from the beginning and marches them through to more intermediate and advanced playing would be a tremendous value and a great opportunity for the pianist/teacher that could put this together. Read more »

Dancing and Music

Question: Your site is fascinating in that it defines what is very much ‘the elephant in the room’ when it comes to modern dance. Most—approximately 90 percent of dancers, even those competing at the top level have no musical improvisation skills at all, and worse, can’t see them in others. I’ve done this test with lots of dancers and 90 percent can’t spot the ‘odd one out’—which absolutely blew me away when I first posed the test. Read more »

Dedicating One's Life to Music

Question: Dear Mr. Frantz, How can one get accepted into a university and study piano after starting very “late”? I just fell in love with music and it’s absolutely incredible. I feel this I have discovered what I want to do in life and it’s remarkable. The only thing is, I started “late” as some may say at almost 17 years old. I have a remarkable Russian piano teacher who has studied music and taught at Russian conservatories and she is highly qualified. Read more »